LMT Bus Line - Dumped on Hillside Ave by LMT BUS TOUR

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I had an overnight reservation with LMT buses for Atlantic city.i left NY Friday and was returning Monday.when i called the reservation desk, i was told to go to gate 5 and get on bus#733 which was leaving at 6pm.after arriving at the terminal i again inquired about the bus schedule.

i was told the same thing about the departure of the bus and from which gate it was leaving. i boarded bus 733 and upon arriving in NY the bus made its local stops for others returning home. at the corner of 219th street in hillside, i decided to get my luggage to put on the bus with me,when i was told by the driver this was the last stop.he then told me there were two #733 buses coming back to NY,and i was on the wrong one. i asked the driver how was i supposed to know that.

when i inquired about the bus departure time and gate i was given bus 733 by three persons who i feel should have told me, the consumer who would have no knowledge of this information. i was told by the driver to catch a cab, and he was sorry but there was nothing he could do.i asked and was given the supervisors number so that i could file a complain the following day.i was pissed.i was coming from Atlantic City not going, who said i had cab fare.the bus drivers knowing there are two buses with the same number should have announced this on the bus to ensure the customer was on the correct bus.those in the terminal at the reservation desk should also have the correct information for the customer.

the next morning on Feb 21 i called and spoke to Mike Farino (owner)of LMT buses.i explained what happened and he instantly went into blaming the terminal personal,then attacking me.i was surprised at his behavior because although i was angry the night before i spoke to Mr Farino with respect.

i made comment about his behavior when he seemed to think that everyone but his company was responsible for the mishap.he nastily told me if i had a complaint to write a letter, he didn't have time to deal with that,so i am doing just that.I'm sure they will do well without my business, but i will never use their service again.



This company is a joke.The driver was cursing at one point on his phone very obnoxiously.

Then also had no air.Most unproffesional company I have ever seen.


I had a trip with lMT transportation.I think they are the best.

Me and my mother were on our way but in the middle of the tripbi started to have chest pains. My mother notified the driver who instantly pulled over and came to see what was happening.

The driver told me that my artery was calapsing and he had no time to wast he had to do open hart surgery write there he was amazing it took about an hour after that we continued to atlantic city.If you need a bus or heart doctor don't hesitate to call Bigfoot he works cheap

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